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Adobe flash tutorials

Flash was originally called FutureSplash Animator. After that it was called Macromedia Flash. It is now known as Adobe Flash.

Adobe Flash is a powerful and professional tool for creating amazing animations for the Internet. It is very effective for creating animated logos, Web site intros, Flash web sites, or web Applications. With the assistance of ActionScript, Flash games are now used on the web.

Flash is suitable for the web. It compresses all the picture files, animations and data files in it in such a way that it takes few seconds to load on the web. Flash is also used a lot for producing Interactive and Non- Interactive CD Presentations. With its rich set of tools, Flash helps users to create highly interactive contents.

All in All, Flash is such a user-friendly software that it can be used for almost all our Multimedia requirements. Go through the tutorials and learn some cool tricks in flash!

So take a look at the Adobe Flash tutorials to learn more about this software.

Flash Photo Album tutorial
Flash Photo Album
This flash tutorial would help you to make a Photo album. At the end of this flash tutorial you would have your own flash photo album ready.
Flash Water effects tutorial
Flash Water effects
This flash tutorial will teach you how to create a water ripple effect.
Basic Animation tutorial
Basic Animation
This flash tutorial would teach you how to create a basic flash animation.
Moving Text Tutorial
Moving Text
After reading this tutorial you would be able to create a moving text animation using adobe flash.
Flash Pre loader script
Flash Pre loader script
This flash ActionScript tutorial tells how to create a flash pre loader. Pre loader is commonly used for web sites to load the complete web site or animation before the flash animation starts.
Click and Drag Images
Click and Drag on Images
This flash ActionScript tutorial teaches you how to create draggable images using mouse.
Customized cursor
Customized Cursor
This flash tutorial teaches you how to create customized flash cursor in adobe flash.
Click and Shuffle Click and Shuffle
This tutorial will teach you how to create a click and shuffle effect using adobe flash.
Circular Path Animation
Circular Path Animation
This flash tutorial will teach you how to create a circular path animation.
Advanced Color Effect Animation Advanced Color Effect Animation
This tutorial will teach you how to create an attractive Color Effect animation.
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