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flash tutorial
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  Flash Moon effects tutorial  
Author: Nihal   Level : Intermediate   Environment : Adobe Flash MX
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Flash moon effect is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a moon effect using Adobe Flash MX. This is what your moon should look like by the end of this tutorial.

Moon effect
Figure 1. Moon effect.

Step 1
Open a New flash file and change the background color to black in the document settings (ctrl + J).

Step 2
Select the grayish radial gradient as the fill color from the toolbox.

Fill color
Figure 2. Fill color.

and select the No stroke option as the stroke color from the toolbox

Stroke color
Figure 3. Stroke color.

Step 3
Click on the oval tool located on the toolbox.

Oval tool
Figure 4. Oval tool.

and draw an oval on the stage

Oval Tool
Figure 5. Draw Oval.

Step 4

Open the Color mixer panel by Clicking on window – Color Mixer (shift+F9)

Color Mixer

Figure 6. Color Mixer.

Step 5
Choose the Arrow Tool from the toolbox and select the oval on the stage.

Arrow tool
Figure 7. Arrow Tool.

Step 6

In the Color Mixer panel, click the gradient slider to the right of the gradient bar to select it.
Color Mixer
Figure 8. Color Mixer.

Next, reduce the Alpha percentage to 0 %

Reduce Alpha percentage
Figure 9. Reduce Alpha percentage.

After that, click the gradient slider to the left of the gradient bar and move it slightly to the right.

Gradient slider
Figure 10. Gradient Slider.

Now click anywhere on the stage.

Flash moon effect
Figure 11. Moon effect.

You’re Flash Moon is ready! The more you move the gradient slider to the left of the gradient bar, the bigger you’re moon becomes! Now go and animate you’re moon for websites, CD presentations, etc.

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