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Web2.0 - Tommy - 03-02-2007 03:16 PM

Hi guys,

Do you know web2.0????


RE: Web 2.0 - programmer - 03-02-2007 04:18 PM

Web 2.0 is a term coined by O'Reilly. It talks about the second generation web. Web 2.0 emphasizes the online sharing. Web 2.0 talks about online sharing services like wikis, Social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, etc.

according to Tim O'Reilly Web 2.0 is :
Quote:Web 2.0 is the business revolution in the computer industry caused by the move to the internet as platform, and an attempt to understand the rules for success on that new platform. Chief among those rules is this: Build applications that harness network effects to get better the more people use them.

A typical Web 2.0 site uses any or most of the following techniques.

Ajax , CSS, RSS/Atom

RE: Web 2.0 - GladysReeves - 03-05-2007 11:04 AM


These following web link also will help you to learn..


RE: Web2.0 - mathew - 03-23-2007 12:09 PM

actually there is nothing new in web 2.0's been emerged as a result of time..and everyone need a the phrase web2.0 is coined...

the best example i can give is yahoomail...(donno how many of you might've clicked the link "try out the new yahoo mail beta" ...if not try it out today..u may switch it back later..for me it really sucks since my bandwidth is less and i switched it back the same day i tried it)..
so you can see the difference in the two design perspective and programming perspective..

try out the following links

hope you people will come out with some new web2.0 designs.. Smile