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UTV - Postman - 09-26-2007 07:15 AM

UTV Motion Pictures & Epiphany Films is looking for super talented artists to join the creative team of the Dream Blanket, an Animated 3D Featured Film.

Pre- production - Character Designers, Story boards, Layouts, Prop Designs, Matte Painters, BG artists, 2-D Texture painters.
3-D Production- Modelers, 3-D Texture Artists, Riggers, Animators, 3-D layout artists, Lighting artists, visual Effects Artists, Render Wranglers, Mel Programmers.
Post Production- Compositors.

Contact: Sonia or Namrata at 24905353 ext(292) Email:
Showreels & CVs: The Dream Blanket. UTV Software Communications Ltd., Parijat House. 1076, Dr. E. Moses Rd. worli Naka, Mumbai- 400018, India. Recruiting in all Departments.