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2D Pixel Graphic Designer-London - vanessa - 10-15-2007 03:11 PM

Company: Gameloft
Job Title: 2D Pixel Graphic Designer
Job Category: Gaming
Job Location: Central - London - UK England
Job Ref. Number for your records: 2D
Job Description: Profile

- You have already done pixel art for released products (low-resolution computer graphics- 2D video games, sprites, icons...).
- You have already done pixel works for GB, GBA or mobile games.
- You are highly motivated, with a passion for video games.
- You are proficient in Photoshop and/or other drawing software.
- Understanding of optimization of computer art is a PLUS.
- You have a strong understanding of the principles of animation.
- You have a solid background in academic drawing, sketching, and/or illustration.


- Upon joining the art department, your mission will be to execute game art and work with a project team (game designers, engineers, producer), from the concept through delivery.
- We are mainly seeking people with good all-round experience (applications from self-taught candidates will also be accepted).
- The projects in question are video games for mobile phones and N-Gage.

Position is based in London.

Skills Required:
Language Requirements: English-Very Good

Employment Type: Full Time

Yearly Salary: Unspecified
Education & Experience
Education level required: Unspecified
Experience (in years): No experience
Contact Information
Company: Gameloft
Contact Name: Gameloft
Contact Phone: 02030084584