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Custmize applet - haik4096 - 11-23-2009 12:32 PM

TUTORIAL: Customizing Applet

Customizing Applet Loading Progress

These code is to customize applet game loading/downloading by adding downloading progress bar, background image, color, text, etc.

Because this one comes from the standard Java SDK, this code can be applied to all kinds of applets.
There is no need for anything else, not even the GTGE library.

The additional applet param tag :

* param image : gif or jpg
the applet background or if the image size is smaller than applet area it will be the applet icon.
* progressbar : true or false
must be true to show the applet progress bar.
* boxmessage : loading applet
Custom text to show to the user while loading progress.
* boxbgcolor : color value *
applet loading background color
* boxfgcolor : color value *
applet loading progress bar border color
* progresscolor : color value *
applet loading progress bar fill color

* color value can be one of the following:
RGB color, standard HTML color, hexadecimal color format, or any color from java.awt.Color.

Enjoy! Smile

RE: Custmize applet - brevedecane - 09-17-2010 05:13 PM

I really glad from this information. It is nice working Applet. No any error has been detected. I think it allows the applet to change the current page to another one after a successful upload.