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Correct headers for sending email in PHP - gerrydevis - 01-10-2010 11:03 AM

This is a very annoying topic to discuss as no one seems to know the correct headers. Although I hope this can change.

Basically I am stuck with a problem, I have set up a script that sends email using authenticated SMTP.

Without any manual editing of the headers the email will manage to end up in hotmail's junk folder and wont appear at all in Yahoo's inbox or spam folder.

I havn't tried GMail but I am guessing it will appear in junk.

If you guys have any working source code extract, full working scripts, links, referenced, whatever to help myself and anyone else who views this thread to allow them to send email to the INBOX of Hotmail, Yahoo and GMail accounts. I will praise you! I have been working on this for a whole day straight. I just can't seem to find out a working solution.

So please OpenSock, I hate to beg but I am sure the next person wants to hear this solution as much as myself.

Sorry if I sound tired... probably because I am.