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Design Page Curves in photoshop - jhonepawell - 02-13-2010 10:55 AM

Hello Guys !

Design page curves in Adobe Photoshop by yourself. You can do it by many ways. I will describe here an easy way to do it.

Draw a box shape using pen tool. Clicking p will select pen tool in photoshop.
Now you can add editing points to it because its not a regular shape but its editable.
Add points by Add anchor point tool beneath to pen tool in its sub menu, at the corner where you want to curve to appear (e.g. slightly near from top right corner and slightly near right side under top right corner).
Select top right corner by Direct selection tool and drag it inwards.
Add gradients at that corner. Two gradients I suggest. One darker one at top and lighter one, beneath dark gradient by Gradient tool. You are done.

RE: Design Page Curves in photoshop - peteraugusts - 04-05-2010 12:55 PM

I think the curves tool is particularly useful for photographers. For using you have to follow certain steps:

- you will need one image opened in Photoshop.
- Next click on Image / Adjustments / Curves.
- To start the tutorial press the go arrow.

The S-Curve and the Inverted S-Curve are two curves most commonly used on photoshop. The S-Curve adds contrast to the midtones while subtracting from the shadows and highlights. The Inverted S-Curve does the opposite.