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It’s the smile that costs.…………. - GeorgiaReimer - 09-30-2010 09:10 AM

Advertisers have left no known media of advertising untouched in their effort to win over the masses to their products and services. In the large metropolitan areas the most effective advertising media are believed to be television, internet and the print media, especially magazines are believed to have greatest pulling power for advertisements.
Along with prestigious colour reproduction and graphic opportunities provided magazines are in search of elegant models. Magazines looking for models are demanding a lot from the models. It is said that the smile costs nothing but it creates much. But in the case of models it’s the smile that rates the models and their fees.
It is the advertising agencies that help the magazines to find the apt models purposefully or viceversa.There should be proper rapport between both the parties. So that it will work effectively. With proper co-ordination miracles are possible as combined efforts works out most effectively than doing things independently.