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VIEWConference whorkshop on ”Pixar’s RenderMan” and “Stereoscopy in Film Production.
10-15-2010, 02:43 PM
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VIEWConference whorkshop on ”Pixar’s RenderMan” and “Stereoscopy in Film Production.
Hi everybody!
VIEWConference has come back! The premiere international event in Italy on Computer Graphics, Digital Cinema, 3D Animation, Gaming, VFX and Interactive Techniques, will take place in Turin from 26th to 29th October, followed by the VIEWFest, the Computer Animation Festival (from 29th to 31st october).
I promotion two workshop of VIEWConference, the”Pixar’s RenderMan” by Dylan Sisson and “Stereoscopy in Film Production: Theory and Practice" by Parag Havaldar.

Once again Dylan Sisson, the main Pixar's RenderMan expert, will teach at VIEW in an exclusive workshop the secrets of the famous Pixar's RenderMan software, including topics such as the software's story and origins, and its use in the last Pixar's masterpiece, TOY STORY 3.

Dylan Sisson:
"Talking Trash about Toy Story 3"
Shading and Lighting with Pixar's RenderMan

First Part
The climatic scenes of Toy Story 3 take place in a perilous incinerator, featuring vast amounts of trash ... these scenes were some of the most technically challenging in the movie. During this workshop Dylan Sisson will explore some of the strategies used to shade and light this enormous amount of trash, with a focus on Pixar's core rendering technology, RenderMan. Dylan will present some of the advanced lighting and shading techniques that were essential for creating final result, and will show how Pixar's shading tool, Slim, was used to create sophisticated layered shaders for the trash.
Second Part
During the second half of his talk, Dylan will give an preview and demonstration of the upcoming release of RenderMan Studio 3.0, Pixar's suite of rendering tools for Autodesk's Maya. The entire presentation will demonstrate how both large and small VFX studios may expect to benefit from Pixar's RenderMan tools.
This only workshop payment event of VIEWConference, it cost 10 euro and you can register at

In the workshop "Stereoscopy in Film Production: Theory and Practice" by Parag Havaldar,
will cover a broad spectrum of issues related to stereoscopic films, from the point of view
theoretical and practical.

They will discuss the different types of stereographic projection and technology appropriate to compare
required to produce stereoscopic content. In particular, we address the following issues: the creation
stereoscopic content for projects entirely in computer graphics, the generation of the 'other eye'
(Required for stereoscopic vision) for the shooting made the traditional way, and the problems
arising from content originally produced in stereoscopy. We discuss also the limitations
inherent in current technology and the challenge to create content fatiguing the eyes as possible.

The workshop will be devoted to a general audience, although some experience or knowledge of the processing
digital image and VFX pipeline is useful. They do not require knowledge of the principles of
programming or detailed knowledge of a particular 3D package. The workshop will be held free discussion of key technical issues. At the end of the workshop, participants will acquired a general view of the stereoscopic cinema and a good knowledge of the basic principles of
underlying theory, will therefore be able to cope on their own issues related to stereoscopy
of interest.
For the register to access of stereoscopy workshop you can follow this link for register

All information is on the website:
VIEWConference 2010 (26-29 October, Conference Center Torino Incontra,Via N. Costa 8, Turin, Italy).
At you can find the VIEWConference Program.
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