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Softimage Production Challenge
07-16-2007, 07:58 PM
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Wink Softimage Production Challenge
Softimage Production Challenge

Date & Time: Sunday, August 5th, 12:00 PM
Location: Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel, One Market Place, San Diego, California Map >>

Imagine this: with an important pitch around the corner, you and three colleagues need to turn a character concept and a simple storyboard into a short, high-quality shot that you can present to a client. Sounds simple enough, right? The catch - you’ve only got one day to get it done.
Sound familiar? Have you ever wondered how others would take on this challenge?
On Sunday, August 5th, please join MC Alex Lindsay (Pixel Corps) for the inaugural Softimage Production Challenge and watch four of the CG industry’s top artists & XSI gurus work together for the first time - and for one day only - during SIGGRAPH 2007.

The Tick Tock Man, star of the Softimage Production Challenge

Starting with a concept drawing, the XSI dream team of Todd Akita (PSYOP), David Andrews (The Orphanage), Bradley Gabe (Stan Winston Studio) and Greg Punchatz (Janimation) will model, rig, animate, light, and render a character - right before your eyes.
You’ll learn from the pros how to plan and execute a small but complex project on a very tight deadline—from logistics, to workflow, to division of labor. You’ll also find out how powerful, non-destructive SOFTIMAGE XSI workflows allow artists to work in parallel to achieve the best results in the shortest time.
Space is limited, so register today. Attendees can register for as many sessions as they would like. Food & beverages will be provided.
And to see how it all turns out, don’t forget to register for the Softimage SIGGRAPH User Event, where we’ll be presenting the results of the production challenge.


The Softimage Production Challenge is divided into four 2-hour sessions: modeling, rigging, animation, and shading/lighting. In each session, one artist must begin his part of the production, and achieve a useable result to pass to the next artist. Artists are expected to go over their time limits, but will be able to work in parallel to reach a final version of the shot in eight hours.

Part 1: Modeling (1:00 PM - 3:00PM)

Working from the creature design, the modeler will rough out the geometry. He’ll plan out a modeling strategy and decides on the best techniques. Before his 2 hours are up, he’ll need to pass at least a rough model along to the rigger.

Part 2: Rigging (2:30 PM - 4:30PM)

Starting with the modeler’s rough geometry, the rigger will begin building an animation rig that suits the creature design and storyboard requirements. Flexibility is the key here, since the rigger will need to update his rig with new geometry as the modeler passes on more refined versions of the geometry. After two hours, the rigger must have an animateable rig ready for the character animator.

Part 3: Character Animation (4:00PM - 6:00PM)

The character animator will block out and finesse the animation according to the storyboard, knowing full well that he’ll have to transfer the animation from one version of the rig to the next, as the rigger gets closer to the final version. After two hours, the animator must pass a version of the animated character to the texture/lighting artist.

Part 4: Shading/Lighting (5:30 PM - 7:30PM)

The shader/lighting artist will light the scene, develop the look, and set up render passes, fully expecting to transfer materials and settings from one version of the mesh to another, as the modeler, rigger, and animator all send their changes. He’ll need to work quickly because shot must be ready to render after two hours.
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10-01-2013, 03:53 PM
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RE: Softimage Production Challenge
Nice information.
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