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Regarding ITU Standards & Codecs
07-11-2008, 03:26 PM
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Regarding ITU Standards & Codecs

I have following queries related to Flash/Flash Media Server:

a) The ITU (International Telecommunications Union) has come up with different standards and protocols for videoconferencing e.g. H.323, H.320 etc. Of these, H.323 is the standard for videoconferencing over TCP/IP networks. If I develop a videoconferencing / multimedia chat application using Flash Media Server, which of the ITU standards will it conform to? If not, has Macromedia developed its own standard?

b) Which video codec does the latest version of Flash video use? Is it ‘Spark codec’ by Sorenson or VP6 codec by On2?

c) Which audio codec does flash use?

Many Thanks,
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