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N cloth
02-19-2007, 07:27 PM
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Big Grin N cloth
wht is ncloth?
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02-22-2007, 10:48 AM
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RE: N cloth
Ncloth is nucleus cloth where nucleus is a new dynamic engine for maya...... using n cloth u can

Create Any Fashion in Any Fabric
-Maya nCloth is generated from modeled polygon meshes – a superior method of construction to the standard cloth-panel workflow.

-Any polygon mesh model (open or closed meshes) can be quickly transformed into a Maya nCloth object.

-Cloth attributes can be manipulated with the Maya Artisan easy-to-use, brush-based interface.

Objects can be as stiff, viscous or flowing, and as tightly or loosely woven as the artist desires their fabric to be. -

-Animators can create cloth-on-cloth simulations—such as a cape over a jacket or shirt over pants—with believable influences and collisions.

-Maya nCloth fabrics can be made to bend, stretch, shear, dent or even tear.

-Topology-independent constraints can be used to fit a garment to the contours of a character, influence how the Maya nCloth settles on a character or control how the Maya nCloth moves during animation. They can also be used to attach buttons, tear cloth and merge different Maya nCloth objects.

Artists can shape and influence results towards a manually modeled target (pose) even while the simulation is running.

-Simulations are cached in the unified caching framework, so multiple simulations can be edited in the Trax timeline and blended together to achieve results not typically possible from a single simulation.

-Artists and TDs can easily set up and manipulate realistic cloth collision behavior.

-Collisions can be completely automated, such as passive object collisions; or can be set up to give the artist a high degree of control over properties such as influences, order and layering.

-Support for self-collisions means highly realistic results without the self interpenetration and implosion errors that other cloth systems frequently exhibit.
-Interpenetration with the collision object is rare: in such instances Maya nCloth quickly recovers and continues the simulation.

-Simulations using force fields result in the type of highly realistic motion that can be difficult to achieve via traditional animation methods.

-Any of the standard Maya dynamics forces, or the integrated Maya Nucleus physics forces, can be used to automatically animate Maya nCloth.

Beyond Cloth
-Deformable plastics and metals can also be created with Maya nCloth.

-Any supported geometry—whether a closed, sealed volume such as an inner-tube or an open one, like an untied balloon—can be given the behavioral properties of an inflatable object, with internal and external pressure.

-Rigid-body and fluidic effects can be simulated by adjusting cloth values such as stiffness.
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03-07-2007, 08:52 AM
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RE: N cloth
nCloth is the first implementation of Maya nucleus technology. It provides the ability to control their cloth.

Maya nucleus technology is a framework that helps artists easily create complicated 3d elements like cloth, water etc. Nucleus technology simulates physical phenomena in 3D animation. Maya Nucleus is designed for film and television animation work
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