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  Video Effect Masking tutorial
Author: Nihal   Level : Intermediate   Environment : Adobe Flash MX
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Steps for Video-Effect Masking

1) Import an Image on to the stage
2) Add a new Layer and place a Rectangle on top of the Image.
Create an animation in the Layer with the image. i.e. Create motion Tween > Insert Keyframe > Then move or scale the image. You can keep on inserting Keyframes and move or scale the image as many times as you want to show the camera moveing from different angles. After that, you should insert a Frame (F5) in the corresponding layer for the Mask (Rect) Layer.


Right- Click on the Mask (Rect) Layer and choose Mask.


Your Video-Effect is Ready! It should look something like this!


By Scaling the Image, you can give a camera Zoom – In or Zoom – Out effect!

This is a very effective technique especially for websites. Imagine what the size of this file would be if a video had to be imported.


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